Your Spirit Is Calling.  It’s Time To Make Changes.

You’ve Been Ready. For a While Now.

To Transcend Any Projection That Holds You Back

To Illuminate a Divine Path of Love

To Magnify Your Ability to Shine Your Light

Your Goal Is Clear.  It Looks Like This:

And One Thing You Know For Sure

The time it takes for you to manifest your dream depends on how quickly you can release your resistance. It could be a week. It could be a month. It could be a year. It could be 2 years.


Because You Know The 7 Spiritual Secrets of Highly Effective People Are Based On How They
Manage Their Energy...


You find it difficult to get to a yoga class?

You feel challenged to meditate regularly?

You want more from a single yoga class?

You wish someone could explain what each chakra or energy centre is?

You have a very busy life with little time to yourself?

You wonder if there are other ways to meditate?

You get confused about how woo-woo all this chakra talk is?

You need a little support to stay focused on your goal?

You struggle to get past the challenges or blocks that come up for you?

You would like to feel supported on your spiritual journey?

You deserve a life you love that connects you to your spirit.
I can help!

This in-depth e-course is specifically tailored to help you establish daily spiritual habits that nourish your soul and clear your energy.

And I bet that the clearer you feel, the impact you have in the world is so much more powerful. Right?

What’s with the magical yogic power of 40 days?

Ancient yoga scriptures tell us that it takes 40 days to change a habit. Many societies use 40 days as a period of transformation. There is the 40 day religious period of lent, a 40 day cultural tradition of mourning or caring for a newborn, and even a six week training period for armies or corporations.

What’s the reason behind this e-course?

I designed this program because of YOU! After a particularly transformative yoga workshop or healing session many of my students would ask me to share the sequence or meditation that I had used. But these exercises yield the most potent results when practiced daily for 40 days.

When you focus on what you want,
the dedicated energy of your purpose helps you manifest your goals much easier.

Many of you said that you loved the idea of a 40 day practice – but you needed a little more support in order to maintain some form of regularity – and so this #40DayChakraBalance e-course was born.

Since sharing the chakra balance teachings through one-on-one sessions, 7 week courses, workshops and online programmes, my students have achieved amazing results such as:

It’s all here. In one place.
All broken down and ready for you to implement in your own life.

The 40 day chakra balance e-course offers the tools, strategies, and insights you need to maintain a daily practice, as well as understand how you can transform your energy to make your life less stressful, more impactful, and true to your ideal vision.

This is a spiritual toolkit that gives you many options to choose from so that you can magnify your light


It takes a soul-centred and all-inclusive approach that shares practical strategies that supports you to show up and do your thing. In your way. In your time. On your terms.

The core curriculum is based on the 7 chakras or energy centers of your body + your aura, and includes 8 carefully chosen kundalini sequences that are skillfully tailored to balance your energy, shift your challenges, clear your blocks and manifest your dreams.

Russell Brand

Kundalini Yoga is the crack cocaine of yoga. If Hatha is a mild weed high, Iyengar is a deep hash glow, and Ashtanga is amphetamine, Kundalini blows the f!cking doors off.

Russell Brand

I’m constantly blown away by the incredibly talented people I meet through yoga, healing and meditation sessions. I’m so inspired by the enormous impact that brilliant people like you make in the world. And when all matters of spirituality come up for discussion, this is what gets repeated.

But it IS up to us to show you how you can experience all of this.
On your own terms

Are you ready to get started?

Suraj K Khalsa

I’m so excited that Patty has shared the depths of her wisdom about chakra balance with the sacred teachings of kundalini yoga through this wonderful e-course. There’s nothing else like this in the world that provides a platform for such deep transformation. This course gives you the opportunity to choose the energy centre that you wish to balance, but also provides a loving platform for you to be accountable for your shift.

Suraj K Khalsa

Embrace Healing, Acceptance and Joy Through Your Unique Spirituality

Through this e-course, you will experience and establish a daily practice that connects and nurtures your spirit, enabling you to discover and revitalize your potential to reflect, heal, process and transition.

The convenient format of this e-course enables you to deepen your spiritual depth, even with a demanding schedule and a busy lifestyle.

The intention of the 40 day Chakra Balance e-course is to offer many ways to support you in maintaining a daily practice in order to help you heal, find your inner balance and clear any blocks that might get in the way of you manifesting your goals.

I know how difficult it can be to form a new habit and stick to it. But each chakra module will guide you every step of the way over 40 days until your new spirituality is a daily phenomenon.

A balanced life doesn’t come from external factors like whether you’re married with kids, how much money you make, the house you live in, or whether you’re rockin’ it in your profession.

That’s all external.

Your bright future depends on how at peace you are with your past, and how you feel about yourself presently. This is where the 40 day chakra balance e-course fits in perfectly. It will help you:

Know that you’re ok even when heavy emotions like fear, guilt, anxiety, disappointment, anger, uncertainly, shame or grief come to visit.

Trust that you can overcome obstacles that show up by being honest with yourself about your feelings and being flexible with your responses.

Accept that unexpected (uninvited, unwanted) experiences have so much to teach you, even if you didn’t plan them.

Believe that your truth is still valid, even if others don’t agree with you, much like your light can still shine, even if it doesn’t illuminate the path for others.

Acknowledge your intuition, even if this doesn’t make sense to others, as well as make peace with past hurts, by forgiving yourself and others.

Honour what you need to do for yourself everyday so you stay connected to your spirit, even if others around you don’t need the same level of self care.

Be comfortable enough to say no when something doesn’t feel right, so that you have clear boundaries with your personal and professional life.

Accept that the things and people who trigger you are wonderful lessons, and ultimately, you can choose how I respond to them.

But mostly, it’s about appreciating that knowing something intellectually doesn’t mean anything, unless you are embodying this wisdom in your everyday actions.

And I bet you already know, that how you manage your energy, affects how you can manage everything in your life. If you're not managing your stress very well, you'll also struggle to manage your time, energy and relationships. Healthy relationships aren't based on guilt and obligation; they’re based on trust and honesty.

When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every feeling brings good news - even the ones that are painful. Your past doesn't dictate your future so if you’re over thinking and stewing on it, then it will only deplete your energy. Your thoughts and your words have the power to shape the quality of your reality, and can help you manifest your dreams into reality.

Here's A Little Sneak Peak

Enjoy profound benefits in all aspects of your life!

This innovative 40 day chakra balance e-course will enable you to:

  • Heal your mind, body and soul
  • Connect to your spirit and transform your relationships
  • Achieve inner balance every day
  • Accept the inevitable ups and downs in life
  • Enjoy a deeper connection with yourself
  • Clear your energy blocks
  • Help you deal easily with negativity and negative emotions
  • Focus on your goals
  • Be released from what your life ‘should’ or ‘has to’ be
  • Gain a deeper understanding of unbalanced chakras
  • Develop a greater awareness of your personal triggers
  • Learn simple yet effective ways to regain balance in your chakras
  • Maintain a daily practice without needing to attend a yoga class
  • Recognise how deficient or excessive symptoms impact your wellbeing
  • Understand how the physical parts of your body are impacted by an imbalance

Join Me Today To Reap The Powerful Daily Rewards
Of A Deeper Connection To Your Spirit.

Your path to spiritual growth and depth covers a
40 day e-course that includes:

  • 30 minute kundalini yoga sequence with both audio and video downloads
  • sequence summary (available as a .pdf download)
  • creative opportunity to craft your own vision board and healing mandala
  • essential 40 day workbook and separate gratitude journal
  • handy 40 day check-sheet to help keep you on track
  • a bonus meditation audio download

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat if I can’t do an exercise or miss a day?

    You are welcome to modify any posture that isn’t available for you so that you can get the most out of your practice. Traditionally, in the event that you miss a day, you have the option of starting over, but remember this is YOUR practice, so it’s important to do what feels right for you!

  • q-iconDo I have to move through all the chakra modules in a specific order?

    Absolutely not! This is why you have complete access to all the 7 chakras and aura module. You’re welcome to move through the e-course in a way that feels right for you, depending on what you’d like to focus on right now.

  • q-iconWhat is your refund policy?

    As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. However, I’m confident that the 40 day chakra balance e-course is a wonderful and empowering way for you to take responsibility for your life so that you can change a habit that your soul is ready to shift.

  • q-iconWhy kundalini yoga?

    Kundalini yoga is known among many to be the fast track to awakening one’s awareness and union of the body, mind, and spirit.  Yogi Bhajan said it takes 22 years to achieve in Hatha Yoga what can be done in one year of Kundalini Yoga.

  • q-iconWhat is kundalini yoga like?

    The practice is open to all levels and is done with your eyes closed, at your own pace. The exercises are put together in a way that stimulate your glands and strengthen your nervous system so that you feel less triggered by stress and are less reactive when you feel overwhelmed. Going at your own pace is incredibly empowering.

  • q-iconTechnology and I aren’t friends – is it hard to access the e-course?

    Technology and I aren’t exactly besties either. This is why I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to login and access your workbooks. Once you sign in using your email address, you will be directed to the members’ area where you can easily access and download your video and audio files, as well as your workbooks, gratitude journal and helpful resources.

  • q-iconWhat if I want extra support?

    There is a Facebook group where you can interact with others, share your insights, as well as ask any questions. There’s also a #40DayChakraBalance Instagram challenge that gives you the opportunity to share your pics with so many others world wide.

  • q-iconOK I’m ready to start ! How do I sign up and when does it start?

    The e-course starts as soon as you sign up. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive all the information you need to get started via email. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin your transformative journey!

  • q-iconDo I get access to everything at once?

    Absolutely – everything will be available to you from the moment you purchase. Your road map to spiritual transformation can begin instantly.

  • q-iconWill this work on my PC, iPad, or other mobile device?

    Yes. All materials can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer, then transferred to a mobile device.

  • q-iconCan’t I just get this info for free reading blogs on my own?

    There is no other program in the world that is as comprehensive as the 40 day chakra balance e-course. You not only have access to kundalini yoga sequences and guided meditations, you also have access to healing materials that give you profound insight into your transformation.

  • q-iconThere seems to be lots of options to choose from – Can I decide how I structure my daily practice?

    You sure can – in fact that’s the idea! There’s an Instagram challenge that will inspire you if you love taking photos as well as a bonus meditation, a gratitude journal & a 40 day workbook for each chakra module. There’s also an opportunity to create a vision board for your goal, as well as a healing mandala for each module.


You think successful people do not have a daily spiritual practice

Self reflection just aint your thing and the thought of 8 workbooks and journals makes you feel stressed.

You have no desire to make any changes to your life through spirituality because you think it’s woo woo.

The idea of meditating everyday makes you feel as though you are being punished

You tried yoga once but absolutely hated it and /or you have never heard of kundalini yoga.



You’re a lover of meditation, self-reflection and a kundalini yoga aficionado

You’re a yoga teacher, coach or wellness specialist that would love additional resources for your clients.

You’re a busy mum that doesn’t always have time to get to yoga & meditation classes.

You’re a game changer in your profession with long working hours that include many business trips.

You need easy access to an online program that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Join Me Today To Reap The Powerful Daily Rewards
Of A Deeper Connection To Your Spirit.


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And This Notion Of Balance. Is It Realistic?
Is It Something That’s Attainable?

And... Who ARE You?

Ah, I’m glad you asked. I’m someone who was an expert in the art of a NON balanced life. I was a driven type A personality who yearned to find balance and meaning while helping others.

I had great altruistic intentions – but no spiritual toolkit to keep me on track.

I worked as a social worker and counselor and tried to ‘balance’ the stress of my job by teaching dance. When my deep unhappiness didn’t stir my soul into taking action to change my life, an adrenal burnout subsequently got my attention.

Version 2.0 of my professional qualifications morphed into the wellness industry and saw me nab a few more qualifications that were more aligned with my spirit. I studied kinesiology, became a Reiki master and an energy healer.

But the party really got started when I became a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher. I was the first Australian kundalini yoga teacher to launch an e-course back in 2012.

Suddenly I had access to a plethora of tools that helped me clear my energy and manifest my dreams into a beautiful reality. Today, I’m a space holder for divine transformation. I do this is a wedding celebrant, energy healer and yoga teacher. And I’m chuffed to say that I have been happily doing this for the past 10 years.

I have made it my mission to share these teachings through my chakra balance courses, workshops and teacher training lectures. It’s now time to share them online.


Lets Do This Together